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Gaps, cracks, and joints are common in commercial and industrial structures, ranging anywhere from interior floors and walls to exterior panels, siding, and bases. Sealing these openings ensures your structure is safeguarded against moisture, air, pests, and more which improves overall energy efficiency and prevents the buildup of mold and mildew.

Cornerstone Restoration offers extensive caulking and sealing services for new construction or existing facilities all year round in Wisconsin. We offer competitive per-foot-pricing on all commercial projects, ensuring deadlines and budgets are met.

Schedule a free cost estimate to have one of our experts inspect your facility to draft caulk or sealant recommendations based on factors like severity of damages and material needed.

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Caulk vs. Sealer

The key difference between these services is elasticity, which is why hiring an experienced contractor is so important. In certain situations, sealing a gap or crack in your concrete structure seems like the right immediate solution, but over time that sealant will become too loose to maintain the integrity of the structure. Caulk must remain flexible to accommodate the settling and movement of building materials while preserving water and airtight properties. In addition to long-term, airtight results, the caulk must be blended correctly with the surrounding material to maintain aesthetic appeal.

Our staff has the experience to not only identify the underlying issue behind gaps and cracks, but provide a future-proof solution at competitive rates. We provide commercial caulking and sealing services all year round throughout the midwest.

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At Cornerstone Restoration, we identify the cause of the failures and address them properly. This means taking the necessary time to choose the right caulking and sealing materials to not only fix the immediate issue, but improve the long-term needs of the structure or facility as well. Our experienced staff understands the environmental factors that affect the integrity of commercial or industrial structures throughout Milwaukee and Madison, and can provide turnkey solutions on site at competitive per-foot-pricing.

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Signs It’s Time To Reseal or Recaulk

If your building needs to be resealed or caulked, then there are likely these telling signs throughout your facility or structure:

Cracks can occur in a variety of materials throughout your facility and can appear on floors, walls, and interior and exterior structures. Interior concrete crack repair can be extensive, ranging from sealing and caulking, to more comprehensive services that require high-level investigation. These cracks, however tiny at first, can turn into serious structural issues tied to costly repair services, so don’t wait to schedule an assessment.

Concrete delamination is the separation of layers in the concrete surface, creating a space between the surface and the substrate underneath. This issue is caused by trapped moisture underneath the surface that slowly increases until it breaks through. We provide concrete delamination repair services, from caulking and sealing to more extensive services, for all types of commercial or industrial buildings.

Peeling or missing sections of caulking
Not only is this an aesthetic issue in most commercial buildings, it can also pose a structural hazard. Gaps in sections of caulking can provide a route for unwanted air and moisture which can cause higher energy bills and the buildup of mold and mildew. This moisture will also contribute to the degradation of the internal structural connections on most building systems.

Noticeable airflow in already caulked areas
Similar to above, if there’s noticeable airflow in caulked areas of your building then it’s a likely sign of cracks and gaps that have not been properly sealed. Typically, this issue exists alongside doors, windows, and exterior walls but can happen along interior walls too.

Increased energy bills
Air leaks can cause substantial increases in heating or cooling costs for your facility without any noticeable change in comfort levels. These air leaks can go undetected for months, even years, while your energy bill continues to rise. An experienced contractor can investigate common underlying signs associated with higher energy bills and offer solutions like proper sealing or air barrier installation.

Benefits of Caulking & Sealing

Any type of crack, joint, or gap in a structure, especially a commercial or industrial building, needs to be sealed off to keep environmental factors out. This includes air, water, and pests.

Proper sealing and caulking can also prevent the release of unwanted gasses or vapors from industrial and commercial production facilities. Additionally, sealing expansion joints and cracks prevents the unwanted movement of structures.

Improve Energy Efficiency
High-level caulking and sealing reduces the demand on commercial HVAC systems by reducing any unnecessary air and moisture movement in and out of your building.

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Concrete Expansion Joint Repair

Expansion joints allow for the necessary movement of concrete throughout facilities and safeguards against large cracks in concrete floors that can jeopardize the structural integrity of facilities.

All expansion joints in new or existing facilities must be properly sealed to prevent penetration of air, moisture, and other corrosive factors. A variety of materials and applications should be considered based on the location. Carbon Fiber, epoxy or polyurethane injections may be selected based on the anticipated movement of the joint.

Hiring experienced professionals to handle expansion joint cracks is the safest and most cost-effective route to repair, as a professional will have the knowledge and access to materials to properly fix underlying issues and prevent costly future damages.

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Cornerstone Restoration provides high-level building assessments to identify cost-effective solutions to underlying issues associated with concrete cracks, gaps, and openings. We’re committed to providing unparalleled repair service to commercial and industrial facilities throughout Wisconsin. If you’re concerned with the integrity of your facility, or want an expert assessment on potential damages, then schedule a free consultation today.

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