Carbon Fiber Reinforced Concrete Repairs Milwaukee & Madison, WI

At Cornerstone Restoration, we’re an advocate for carbon fiber reinforced concrete repairs. Concrete that has bowed or cracked can be repaired efficiently with carbon fiber reinforcement. Our concrete contractors have extensive experience reinforcing foundations, basement walls, parking decks, and other commercial & DOT concrete structures in Wisconsin. If you’re considering concrete replacement, give us a call first! We can evaluate your compromised concrete and determine if carbon fiber reinforcement will be an effective, long-term fix.

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Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Installation for Concrete Shoring

Carbon fiber reinforcement is an affordable alternative to excavating or replacing cracked concrete structures. That’s why we recommend it whenever possible. To reinforce the integrity of foundations, walls, parking decks, and the like, we use carbon fiber reinforcing straps. Made of a stiff, inelastic carbon-fiber mesh, these straps are low-cost, permanent, and amazingly strong – they can resist a much higher tension load than steel. We epoxy the straps to the wall from floor to ceiling to shore up bowed walls. The wall can’t bow out any further because it would mean pulling apart the carbon fiber – which can’t happen under soil pressure loads.

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Concrete Repair WI

Carbon Fiber Reinforcements for a Variety of Applications

In Wisconsin, concrete cracks under soil pressures and extreme temperatures. Most epoxy injection methods will not sufficiently repair large gaps, but carbon fiber will! Carbon fiber reinforcements will permanently stabilize the concrete, preventing the crack from growing and getting worse. The most popular applications for carbon fiber repair includes:

Foundations & Basements

Bowed basement & foundation walls are extremely dangerous. They can also significantly affect the value of your house. Straightening the wall will require excavation and can cost upwards of $10,000. Using steel I-beam braces will occupy floor space and make it harder to finish basement walls. We repair foundations with carbon fiber Kevlar sheet straps and epoxy, strengthening bowed walls without excavating.

Before and After Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Installation

Parking Decks

Between weather exposure and stress from heavy vehicle traffic, concrete parking decks are incredibly susceptible to cracks. Carbon fiber reinforcements are an excellent solution for concrete deck cracks and become a powerful support for structural issues.


Replacing cracked bridge supports, medians, and other concrete DOT structures can take months of labor and intensive coordination to ensure project materials are in the right place at the right time. By contrast, repairing cracked DOT concrete with carbon fiber reinforcements can take mere hours and cost significantly less.

Commercial Buildings

Carbon fiber reinforcements are a quick and effective concrete repair solution for foundation walls & structural support beams in commercial buildings. Save time & money, reinforce structure integrity, and maintain aesthetics with carbon fiber concrete repairs from Cornerstone.

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