Wisconsin Foundation Repair Services

Cornerstone Restoration understands the importance of having a solid foundation. Our professional Wisconsin masonry contractors are experienced with repairing and waterproofing foundations to preserve the structural integrity of your building. The foundation often becomes cracked due to years of water infiltration in the concrete structure. Keeping your drain tiles and sump pumps in excellent working condition is extremely important for protecting the foundation.

Waukesha Foundation Repair Services

Drain Tile and Sump Pump Repair

Drain tiles are important for keeping water from flooding the basement. Drain tiles ensure water does not pool up in low areas near the home’s foundation. These drainage systems are also known as French drains, weeping tiles, or foundation drains.

There are two main types of drain tiles: interior and exterior. They can be installed under the basement flooring or buried next to the outside wall of the foundation. Drain tiles installed outside the foundation are built to last much longer, but do require regular maintenance. The drain can clog easily and cause serious flooding in the basement.

Interior drain tiles are installed after the home is already built and collects the built up water from the wall floor joint. These types of drain tiles require a sump pump system to effectively get the water away from the foundation.

Our professional Wisconsin masonry restoration contractors are experienced with repairing interior and exterior drain tiles, as well as sump pumps.

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Foundation Waterproofing Prevents Costly Structural Damage

A common cause of foundation problems is water. Wet, damp soil underneath a foundation can swell, sink or lose strength, causing cracks to form. If the foundation is compromised, then entire structure of the building is at risk for serious damage. Many homes throughout Southeast Wisconsin have damp basements and crawl spaces. Over time, the constant dampness contributes to foundation problems and creates the perfect breeding ground for harmful mold. Our Wisconsin masonry professionals provide comprehensive foundation waterproofing services, from basic coatings to pre and post applied waterproofing membranes.

Concrete is not waterproof. It will repel liquid water, but water vapors can easily infiltrate concrete structures. Cornerstone Restoration provides homes and businesses throughout Southeast Wisconsin with superior foundation waterproofing services. We will evaluate the grading around your building to ensure proper drainage away from the foundation. To prevent any further problems, we also treat your concrete with high quality waterproofing methods to repel liquid water and water vapors.

Our experienced craftsmen get the job done right the first time. We’ll waterproof your entire foundation efficiently and effectively at an affordable price. A leaky foundation causes costly damage leading to damaged furnishings and possibly ruining expensive equipment. Waterproofing your foundation with Cornerstone Restoration will keep your foundation dry and structurally stable.

Foundation Repair Waukesha

Foundation Wall Repair

Improper water drainage can create serious problems for your foundation. Water infiltrates and cracks concrete, which can lead to major repair costs if left untreated. Our experienced masonry and concrete repair specialists repair poured concrete, block, and brick foundations using carbon fiber, Kevlar fiber, tuckpointing, injection grout, and foundation stanchions.

How to Tell if There’s a Problem with Your Foundation

If your foundation is in bad shape, your entire structure is in deep trouble. Damaged, cracked, pitted, and otherwise deformed foundations are prone to shifting and other costly problems.

Pay particular attention to these issues in your foundation:

  • Cracks
  • Leaning/bowing
  • Cracks in your interior drywall
  • Large amounts of standing water (interior and exterior)
  • White powder
  • Tight windows and doors
  • Sinking outside soil

Professional masonry contractors like Cornerstone Restoration will evaluate the current condition of your home or business’s foundation.  Foundation issues should be addressed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  If they get worse, they become even more costly to repair.

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