Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Services in Wisconsin

Cornerstone Restoration is a Concrete & Masonry Repair Company specializing in commercial foundations. Our professionals provide high-quality foundation repair & waterproofing services, preserving the structural integrity of buildings throughout the Midwest. Our team addresses the immediate condition with services like epoxy injections or urethane injections, as well as comprehensive restoration services for the root cause of your foundation issues. We provide free cost estimates throughout the Midwest, schedule yours today.

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Waukesha Foundation Repair Services

Drain Tile & Sump Pump Repair

Keeping drain tiles & sump pumps in excellent working condition goes a long way in protecting your foundation. Cracks often appear after years of water infiltration, which is why drain tiles & sump pumps are so important – they keep basements from flooding.

Drain tiles, also known as french drains, weeping tiles, or foundation drains, prevent water from pooling in low areas near the home’s foundation. These drainage systems can be installed under basement flooring (interior) or buried next to the foundation’s outside wall (exterior). Exterior drain tiles are built to last long-term but clog quickly, requiring regular maintenance to prevent basement flooding. Interior drain tiles need a sump pump system to move water away from the foundation effectively. We have experience repairing interior and exterior drain tiles, as well as sump pumps.

Foundation Waterproofing Prevents Costly Structural Damage

A common cause of foundation problems is water. Wet, damp soil underneath a foundation can swell, sink or lose strength, causing cracks to form. If the foundation is compromised, then the building’s entire structure is at risk for severe damage. With time, the constant dampness contributes to foundation problems and creates the perfect breeding ground for harmful mold. Cornerstone provides comprehensive foundation waterproofing services for commercial buildings, from basic coatings to pre and post applied waterproofing membranes. Before waterproofing, we will evaluate the grading around your building to ensure proper drainage away from the foundation.

Foundation Repair Waukesha

Foundation Wall Repair

We know what foundation problems mean for your building – an increased risk of danger. And improper water drainage is the cause of many foundation cracks. Our concrete & masonry contractors repair cracked foundation using carbon fiber, Kevlar fiber, tuckpointing, injection grout, and foundation stanchions. Whether your building has a poured concrete, block, or brick foundation, Cornerstone can help with repair & waterproofing.

How to Tell if There’s a Problem with Your Foundation

Damaged, cracked, pitted, and otherwise deformed foundations are prone to shifting and other costly problems. Call Cornerstone as soon as possible when you notice:

  • Leaning or bowing foundation walls
  • Cracks in your interior drywall
  • Large amounts of standing water (interior and exterior)
  • White powder
  • Tight windows and doors
  • Sinking outside soil

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