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First-Class Masonry Restoration in Milwaukee & Waukesha

At Cornerstone Restoration, we are dedicated to providing the highest-quality masonry repair & restoration services in Wisconsin. You can trust our team to properly restore the integrity of your concrete or brick structures in the timeliest and most cost-effective manner. We bring cutting-edge solutions, quality workmanship, and honesty to the table on every job we work. If you need masonry restoration in Milwaukee & Waukesha, we’d love to tell you more about our concrete & brickwork capabilities. Give us a call to learn more!

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Wisconsin Chimney Repair

Masonry Restoration & Concrete Repair Services

Regret-Free Restoration is more than a slogan – it’s our mission. We want our customers to feel emboldened by their choice in Cornerstone. More importantly, we want to build lasting relationships. And that’s exactly why our professionals work diligently to keep you informed throughout the duration of your project and deliver high precision results that will last. Choose Cornerstone for masonry restoration & concrete repair services including:

As injection specialists, we can spot severe cracks in commercial or industrial structures that need superficial treatment for improved integrity and stabilization.

Urethane crack injections are applied when waterproofing is a necessity to the integrity of your building. Trust in our guys to know the difference between a crack and a problem.

Our experts perform restorative work on commercial and industrial interior structures like concrete warehouse floors, storage facility walls, and more.

To ensure the structural integrity of your building remains intact, opt for professionally applied caulk and sealant that protects concrete against water, air, and other corrosive materials.

Our contractors specialize in concrete dam restoration, sealing, crack mitigation, seepage control, and emergency spillway installation, among other restorative services.

We specialize in comprehensive bridge restoration with a focus on bridge deck repair or replacement, bridge abutment repair or replacement, and concrete surface repairs.

We offer comprehensive parking deck repair and restoration services throughout the Midwest. Our experts specialize in minimally invasive solutions to structural damage and maintenance.

We’re equipped to effectively waterproof and repair cracked foundations in commercial buildings and residential homes throughout Wisconsin.

Carbon fiber reinforcement is an effective & cost-efficient alternative to full concrete replacement in commercial, industrial, and residential structures alike.

Milwaukee Brick Restoration Contractors

Don’t trust any old contractor with your brickwork repair needs. Maintaining the integrity and appearance of old churches, commercial buildings, and homes in Milwaukee takes an experienced brick restoration contractor. We have extensive experience restoring brickwork, concrete, marble, travertine, limestone, and more. We’ll evaluate your damaged masonry and offer restoration solutions that promise longevity.

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