Precast Concrete Repair & Sealing Services in Wisconsin

Trust Cornerstone Restoration for precast concrete repair in Wisconsin. Our concrete contractors have the experience & resources necessary to seal & repair precast exterior, horizontal, vertical, and overhead concrete surfaces on commercial buildings. We can help you with cracks, worn-out sealant, graffiti, and other wear & tear that affect concrete and the structural steel welds that reinforce the precast. We provide damage assessments to determine appropriate repair services and costs before we begin restoration.

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Concrete Repair & Patching by Experienced Masonry Contractors

Severe concrete damage needs more than an epoxy injection or new surface coat. An experienced mason should address holes, large cracks, and other significant issues. Cornerstone Restoration has the skill to repair & patch any precast concrete, restoring structural and decorative concrete for years of continued use.

Epoxy Injections & Overlays to Repair & Resurface Concrete

When appropriate, we recommend epoxy & urethane pressure injections for cracked concrete repair. Epoxy injections are often used to repair basement walls and parking structures. Urethane injections are used to plug gaps that cause leaking and in cases when there is a risk of epoxy draining out of the crack before hardening. Sagging or uneven concrete slabs can be reinforced through grout injections. We’ll help you determine the best solution for concrete repair based on the extent of the damage.

Epoxy and urethane coatings can also restore concrete surfaces, adding a fresh layer of protection against the elements and a like-new condition glow.

Concrete Epoxy Injection Waukesha

Concrete Sealant & Detail Repair

Our concrete contractors can help you maintain and repair expansion joints on standard, precast, and double tee concrete. Your structure will be thoroughly inspected and any compromised expansion joints sealed with new caulk; stopping degradation and preventing moisture problems. We can also repair welds on damaged joints.

Graffiti Removal & Prevention by Wisconsin Masonry Contractors

If your building has been tagged with graffiti, you can trust our masonry contractors to clean and protect your concrete. We use professional-grade solvents to wash off graffiti without damaging precast concrete. Once your building has been cleaned, we apply a protective anti-graffiti coating to prevent vandals’ spray paint from defacing your building again.

How to Tell if There’s a Problem with Your Concrete Structure

Water infiltration is extremely harmful to concrete structures. Concrete, especially improperly sealed concrete, is prone to water infiltration. The water and moisture freezes and expands, inevitably causing visible cracks that lead to faster deterioration. Concrete damage to keep an eye out for includes:

  • Cracks of all sizes
  • Checkered patterned damage accompanied by flaking chips
  • Any type of concrete pitting

Repairing these problems when they are minor will cost far less and go a long way in maintaining structural integrity.

If these problems are neglected or go unnoticed for too long, they will become large gaping cracks and holes that may require specialized commercial repair services.

Precast Concrete Repair Services

Contact us for precast concrete repair in Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest.

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