Concrete Repair and Sealing Services

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Cornerstone Restoration’s masonry contractors will seal and repair all of your building’s precast exterior, horizontal, vertical and overhead concrete surfaces.

Concrete is designed to last for years of use in harsh conditions. Over the years, it is going to develop some problems you will need to address. The de-icing agents used during Wisconsin’s long winters are especially hard on concrete. Cracks, worn out sealant, graffiti and other wear and tear take their toll and can destroy your concrete as well as the structural steel welds that hold the precast if not repaired and maintained properly.

Cornerstone Restoration’s experienced masonry contractors make sure your concrete structure lasts through these harsh conditions.

Concrete Repair and Patching by Experienced Masonry Contractors

Serious damage to concrete needs more than an epoxy injection or a surface coat. Holes, large cracks and other major issues should be addressed by an experienced mason. Cornerstone Restoration has the skilled craftsmen to repair and patch any precast or standard concrete. Both structural and decorative concrete can be repaired to provide years of continued use of your building.

Cornerstone Restoration uses Kevlar reinforcement to restore strength to deteriorating concrete and prevent continued cracking and deterioration. If your concrete is disintegrating and needs attention from an expert, Cornerstone Restoration is here to help.

Continuous fluid sprayed air barriers are ideal for walls constructed out of permeable materials like concrete masonry units (CMUs). These are most commonly applied to the sheathing of the building to provide an air tight seal. Peel-and-stick air barriers are generally installed around the window and door perimeters. Cornerstone Restoration will answer any questions you may have about the air barriers we install.

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Precast Concrete Repair Services

Epoxy Injections and Overlays to Repair and Resurface your Concrete

Cracks in your concrete spell trouble. Act fast to repair the damage before it destroys your building’s precast or standard concrete slabs. Both epoxy and urethane pressure injections are used repair concrete, depending on the situation.

The experienced masons at Cornerstone Restoration use high-quality epoxy to repair cracks in basement walls, parking structures and other concrete surfaces when the repaired concrete is structurally important and must be as strong as the rest of the unit. Leaking concrete is often treatable with a urethane injection to plug the gap and is also recommended when there is a risk of the epoxy draining out of the crack before hardening. Structural reinforcement through grout injections will support sagging or uneven concrete slabs.

If the surface of your concrete is ugly or damaged, an epoxy or urethane coating restores its good looks while repairing and protecting it from the elements. Whatever state your precast or standard concrete is in, Cornerstone Restoration is ready and able to get it back to like-new condition.

Concrete Epoxy Injection Waukesha

Concrete Sealant and Detail Repair

The expansion joints in your concrete need to be maintained or moisture will get under your slabs and cause problems. Vertical and horizontal concrete needs to be checked periodically to have its expansion joints re-sealed and repaired as necessary.

Wisconsin’s Cornerstone Restoration check and seals all expansion joints on standard, precast and double tee concrete with new caulk to keep your structure safe from degradation. Our professional masons are able to do more than lay caulk on joints. We also repair welds on your damaged joints. Have Cornerstone Restoration inspect and seal your concrete’s joints before moisture ruins your building.

Graffiti Removal and Prevention by Wisconsin Masonry Contractors

Hooligans tagging your building makes your business look unattractive. Let Wisconsin’s Cornerstone Restoration clean and protect your concrete. Our masons use professional-grade solvents to carefully wash off graffiti without damaging your concrete.

Once the graffiti has been removed, we can apply a protective anti-graffiti coating to prevent vandals’ spray paint from defacing your building again. Sandblasting can be used to remove graffiti, but it can also damage the concrete. Cornerstone Restoration does offer sandblasting services for decorative and deep-cleaning purposes, but strongly recommends attempting a chemical cleaning first.

How to Tell if There’s a Problem with Your Concrete Structure

Water infiltration is extremely harmful for concrete structures. Concrete, especially if it is improperly sealed is prone to water infiltration. The water and moisture freezes, expands, and will inevitably cause clearly visible cracks that can be disastrous.

Some specific things to keep an eye out for when it comes to your concrete are:

  • Cracks of all sizes
  • Checkered patterned damage accompanied with flaking chips
  • Pitting in any way, shape, or form

If you notice any cracks or surface chips that do not appear to be too far gone, they can usually be repaired with epoxy injections so long as they are administered by a properly trained expert like Cornerstone Restoration. Even the smallest problems should be attended to immediately before they become worse. Keep in mind, if you can spot large or gaping cracks, holes, and other forms of damage it should always be evaluated by an experienced repair specialist.

Contact concrete and masonry restoration contractors at Cornerstone Restoration to get your building looking like new.

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