Case Studies

Cornerstone Restoration is dedicated to offering the best masonry repair and restoration services in Wisconsin. With our commitment and focus on superior craftsmanship, timely solutions, and cost-effectiveness, our team ensures the utmost integrity of your property.

Eager to discover our success stories? Dive into our engaging case studies and witness the impact of our masonry restoration projects.

Fiserv Headquarters in Milwaukee, WI

When faced with deteriorating windows and lintels, Fiserv Headquarters sought out our elite masonry restoration services. Our team swapped out the sealant and performed rigorous inspections, resulting in a building that was energy-efficient, comfortable, and structurally sound.

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Discovery World in Milwaukee, WI

The persistent water intrusion faced by Discovery World was no match for our commercial restoration specialists. We utilized pressurized urethane injections to effectively seal cracks and prevent further water penetration, while a comprehensive waterproofing solution reinforced the exterior, preserving indoor air quality.

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Marcus Corporation in Milwaukee, WI

The water leakage at Marcus Corporation was no match for our talented team of masonry restoration experts. With our proven expertise, we quickly identified the source of issues, provided expert recommendations for remediation, and implemented a solution to ensure that your building remains structurally sound and visually stunning.

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