Resolving Commercial Water Intrusion at Discovery World in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Challenges often arise in commercial restoration that demands innovative solutions and a comprehensive approach. Our masonry experts tackled a reoccurring issue faced by many structured during elevated lake water levels: leaking walls and floors.

Issues at Hand: Leaking Walls and Floors

As beautiful as it is being near Lake Michigan, there are challenges when the lake water levels rise that can be harmful to a building foundation. Discovery World reached out to our experts and we discovered leaking walls and floors within their building. These issues stemmed from a combination of factors including failed exterior waterproofing, high water tables, and compromised concrete structures with honeycombing and cracks. Cornerstone Restoration embraced the challenge with an unwavering determination to use our expertise to find effective and long-lasting solutions.

Discovery World, Milwaukee Wisconsin

Effective Services: Urethane Injections

To combat the moisture intrusion, our masonry experts were able to directly address the source of the leaks and implemented pressurized urethane injections at the affected wall and floor locations. The advanced technique effectively sealed the points of entry, preventing further water penetration.

Preventing Future Incidents: Proper Waterproofing Installations

Understanding the significance of taking preemptive actions, we were able to place a strong emphasis on implementing thorough waterproofing measures on the exterior of the buildings. Adopting a crucial method to identify leaks is a pivotal tactic to prevent possible damage. By skillfully identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, our commercial restoration team effectively guarded against the potential onset of moisture intrusion. 

  • Wisconsin Masonry experts working on Discovery World's building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Solving the Problem: Enhancing Interior Finishes and Air Quality

The effective correction for moisture intrusion yielded a multitude of advantageous outcomes. The interior finishes were restored and the potential for pest intrusion was substantially cut short. Beyond these accomplishments, our proactive measures to deter the conditions favorable for microbial growth ensured the safeguarding of interior air quality. 

Conclusion: Proactive Restoration for a Resilient Future

By employing effective techniques like pressurized urethane injections and prioritizing preventive measures, we were able to not only resolve present concerns but also create a shield against future incidents. This approach not only guards against immediate water intrusion but also prevents pest entry and the growth of harmful microbes.

Our team’s approach showcases a proactive and responsible ethos in commercial restoration, encouraging awareness of potential issues.

If you are experiencing similar challenges, contact us today and let us help secure your property’s future.

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