Enhancing Marcus Corporation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with Sealant Repair and Commercial Exterior Coatings

It takes a team of experts to fully understand the complexity of resolving a recurring issue on buildings such as Marcus Corporation. During rainy periods, Marcus Corporation was left to deal with wall and ceiling leaks and moisture intrusion.

Issues at Hand: Recurring Moisture Intrusion and Wall Leaks

Marcus Corporation faced a recurring moisture issue and turned to our experts for help. The building was experiencing moisture intrusion infiltrating the window walls and ceilings,  leaving visible exterior staining. The root cause of these issues was failed sealant at the masonry control joints and Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EFIS) that allowed moisture to seep into the wall cavities. Because of the building’s masonry walls’ porous nature, the moisture infiltration accumulated and seeped into the interior of the building.

Marcus Corporation exterior
  • Failed sealant on exterior of Marcus Corporation in Milwaukee, WI
  • Failed Sealant on Marcus Corporation's Building
  • Failed Sealant on Marcus Corporation's Exterior

Effective Services: Sealant Replacement and Exterior Coatings

Our team got to work to help resolve the leaks by identifying where the leaks were occurring then went to work into removing and replacing the sealant and backer rods at the masonry and EFIS control joints. Replacing the new sealant ensures that the building’s envelope remains waterproof, protecting it from further damage.

We were able to wash and remove stains to the exterior block of the building that was caused by the damage and applied a siloxane coating that is specifically designed to repel moisture, prevent water-related damage, and ensure the long-term durability of masonry surfaces.

Preventing Future Incidents: Proper Sealant Installation

Our routine for any project is to conduct a thorough inspection of your building’s envelope to see the current issues and identify additional issues that can potentially cause further damage to the interior and exterior of your building. Our approach to masonry restoration emphasizes the importance of timely replacement of sealant within its product life cycle. Our proper installation of new sealant allows property owners peace of mind knowing their building has long-term protection.

Solving the Problem: Interior and Exterior Protection

We were able to safeguard Marcus Corporation by identifying areas prone to leaks occurring in the ceilings and windows. Our team properly removed deteriorated sealant and properly installed new sealant, and added an exterior protective coating to help prevent further water damage stains from occurring in the future. The property managers of Marcus Corporation were thrilled with their aesthetic exterior transformation and relieved knowing their building’s integrity is restored with the help of our masonry experts.

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