Concrete Repair for Wastewater Treatment Plants in Wisconsin

At Cornerstone Restoration, we are proud to work with wastewater treatment plants across Wisconsin on their concrete repair & maintenance needs. Our extensive experience in wastewater treatment plant repair makes our contractors an excellent choice for:

  • Plant Inspections
  • Concrete Joint Repair & Restoration
  • Crack & Spall Repair
  • New Joint Sealant
  • Concrete Resurfacing
  • Epoxy/Urethane Crack Injections
  • Wall Penetration Sealing

Primarily serving municipalities in Milwaukee & Madison, we’d be happy to get a concrete repair quote started for you. Call us today at 262-832-1179 or 608-949-6314.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Repair WI

Improve Plant Efficiency with Timely Repair & Maintenance Services

The demands for concrete tanks and structures used in wastewater treatment plants is extraordinary. For peak efficiency, they need to be watertight, handle 24-hour operation, endure changes in temperature and pressure, withstand chemical damage, and much more. Timely, effective repairs are critical in maintaining plant efficiency. Joint failures, erosion, chemical damage, cracks, and leaks are common issues that need to be evaluated and repaired quickly.

Concrete structures play an important role in the wastewater treatment process. Taking a tank off line for planned restoration maintenance requires a detailed plan with a well-defined scope of work to be completed and a realistic timeline for repairs. Wisconsin wastewater treatment plants can trust Cornerstone for high-quality, effective concrete repair & restoration services that reinforce the integrity of their structures.

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