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Cornerstone Restoration is your ideal partner when it comes to Property Condition Assessments (PCA) and Property Condition Reports (PCR). We are Wisconsin natives and experts in our field who understand that Wisconsin’s weather can be unpredictable and damaging to your property. We can be your partner in commercial services to ensure that your property is protected against outside factors.

By partnering with us you can expect…

  • Access to architects and engineers across Wisconsin
  • Fair and competitive rates
  • 48-hour response times
  • Consultations and longevity repairs
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Property Condition Assessment Consultant

What is a Property Condition Assessment?

A property condition assessment is a thorough visual inspection of your property’s condition. It is standard practice to have property assessment specialists inspect the property to ensure it follows industry guidelines. Following the inspection, you can expect to receive a Property Condition Report (PCR) which includes findings from the inspection, concerns about potential risks and service suggestions to help make sure whoever steps foot on your property is guaranteed to be safe.

Your property condition assessment can include the evaluation of the following

  • Building Foundation
  • Property History
  • Walls/Roof/Ceilings
  • Electrical Work
  • Windows
  • Parking Lots
  • Landscaping
  • Utilities
  • Signage
  • Roads

Property Condition Repair & Maintenance Services

Using Cornerstone Restoration as your consultant for your property condition assessment is a two-in-one special! We can give you suggestions on what needs to be fixed, and we can get it done ourselves. We offer the following commercial masonry services:

Industrial concrete floor repair specialists

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Taking care of your property starts with contacting Cornerstone Restoration. We are a trusted consultant for property condition assessments throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest.

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