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Traditional bridges are built with the intention of lasting up to 75 years, though with constant heavy traffic, harsh environmental conditions, and forgotten routine maintenance, that life span dramatically shortens. Partner with a rehabilitation contractor who can provide services for general maintenance and complicated repairs.

We’re competitively priced to provide unique, resilient solutions to complex bridge restoration projects. Our team comes equipped with decades of combined experience in masonry repair, concrete restoration, steel and mechanical joint repair, and more to provide innovative, turnkey services for immediate application.

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Federal DOT Historical Bridge Investment

As of January, 2022 the U.S Department of Transportation approved more than $27 billion to states transportation facilities to repair and restore over 15,000 bridges nationwide. With over 1,800 bridges in desperate need of repair to improve safety, stability, and longevity, the state of Wisconsin is need of a top-performing contractor. Cornerstone Restoration has decades of combined experience repairing just about any aspect of bridges state-wide. Get in touch with our team for more information – we’ll respond within 48 hours.

Multi-Faceted Bridge Restoration Services

Damages to bridge decks and support are inevitable and exacerbated by heavy traffic, weather, and other environmental conditions. Without routine maintenance, superficial issues, like cracks and potholes, could lead to more costly damages that require complete bridge replacement and rehabilitation.

Cornerstone Restoration provides concrete and steel bridge maintenance services that fix the immediate issues, and unique solutions to more complex structural damages.

Bridge repair services include:

Materials we specialize in:

  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Steel

Infrastructure Repair Specialists

Just ‘getting the job done’ isn’t enough if you have to call the contractor back every year for maintenance to preventable issues. As infrastructure repair specialists, the Cornerstone Restoration team is adept at identifying immediate and underlying damages, outlining efficient repair services, and providing a final product built for longevity.

Partner with a bridge repair contractor who will get the job done right, the first time.

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WI DOT Bridge Repair Specialists

Infrastructure Repair Specialists

Damages to concrete bridge decks could be as superficial as cracks or potholes in the first layer; or, damages could be complex enough to require immediate and complete rehabilitation to improve support and safety. Partner with a company that knows the difference, and provides services for both and everything between:


Bridge deck overlays are a more cost-effective repair option that ensures the stability of a concrete deck structure, while minimizing disruption of traffic. We typically recommend overlays for decks with minimal damage and projects with funding constraints, as there are multiple overlay options applicable for varying extents of damages.


Deck patching services include the sealing and repair of concrete deck surface damages like cracks and potholes. Epoxy injections, urethane injections, and sealants may be used to close gaps and improve the stability of the deck. Patching may need to occur before a deck overlay.


Complete bridge deck rehabilitation is required when damages extend to the support structures beneath the first layer. This service, though more costly, provides completely new support and deck structure that should withstand environmental and traffic conditions for decades.

Historic Bridge Preservation

When it comes to historic bridge preservation, you’ll want to hire a contractor with excellent masonry services to not only improve the structural integrity of the bridge, but preserve its historical value in aesthetic and materials. Our crew works in a variety of mediums, providing restoration services that improve structural stability without taking away from historical appeal.

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At Cornerstone, we have the expertise to repair back walls, wing walls, bridge decks, and abutments. Additionally, our experience with cast-in-place, pre-cast blocks, grouting, and epoxy injection makes us Wisconsin’s first choice for emergency concrete surface repairs. Get in touch with our team to schedule an assessment of damages to begin repair or rehabilitation services.