Dam Repair Contractors in Wisconsin

Cornerstone Restoration is a reputable choice for dam repair in Wisconsin, and has been a selected contractor on the WI DNR’s Directory of Consultants and Contractors for several years now. Serving municipalities in Milwaukee, Madison, and beyond.

  • Permits and Plan Approvals
  • Structural Evaluation/Repair
  • Dam Safety Inspection Reports
  • Compliance Evaluations
  • Dam Gate Installation & Maintenance
  • Headgates, Liftgates, Roller Gates
  • Grout Curtain Installation

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Dam Repair WI

Dam Repair & Upkeep Focused on Safety & Longevity

Dams are used to control water levels in streams, rivers, and lakes. According to the Wisconsin DNR, there are about 3,900 dams in our great state. Many of which were built over a century ago. Since dams break down over time due to water pressure and weathering, they need endless repair & upkeep in order to maintain structural integrity and safety. Cornerstone Restoration’s dam repair contractors have extensive experience repairing cracks, foundation issues, leaks, and more.

However, before repair or reconstruction can begin, all plans must be approved by a qualified engineering firm. Permits may also be required.

In addition to repairing your dam, Cornerstone will help you arrange all of the necessary permits and plan approvals to get your repair or maintenance activities completed in a timely manner. That includes providing structural evaluation, leak testing, and repair planning services.

Comprehensive Dam Gate Installation & Maintenance Services

Gate replacement or repair requires an experienced contractor to navigate not only the structural aspect of this project, but also the logistical components such as access to the gate, hazardous conditions surrounding it, and internal damages to concrete that may need more repair services. As a key component of dam efficiency and safety, gates of any type should not be left unrepaired.

We work with a variety of gates for repair and installation needs, including headgates, lift gates, and roller gates. We even specialize in existing stoplogs with more efficient gates depending on the facility’s need and capacity. Get in touch with one of our contractors to schedule an assessment to review damages and dam gate repair cost estimates.

A Trusted Source for Grout Curtain Installation

Grout curtains are a specialized foundation solution, one that requires effective equipment and the expertise to properly evaluate environmental conditions for the best application. Our grout curtain experts utilize a state-of-the-art jet grouting system to install grout walls that properly stabilize soil and strengthen existing foundations surrounding the dam. We will acquire any necessary permits for underground injection and meticulously monitor the installation process to ensure the highest-quality results. Partner with Cornerstone Restoration for grout curtain installation today.

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Soil Stabilization Solutions

Whether you’re installing new foundations or pavements surrounding your dam, or need to reinforce the soil strength and load-bearing capacity of existing structures, we can help you determine the best path forward for soil stabilization. Our grout injection services promise effective soil stabilization results in many situations. We’d be happy to discuss your options for helical piers as well. Schedule an assessment with one of our contactors to look at damages at repair services needed.