Wisconsin Air Barrier Installation & Repair Services

The experienced masonry contractors from Cornerstone Restoration also provide repair and installation of air barriers. We are knowledgeable with a variety of air barrier styles and application processes. Air barriers are important for preventing air or vapor from leaking into or out of the home or building. There are many different types of materials and systems we are familiar with at Cornerstone Restoration.

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Air Barrier Installation Wisconsin

Air Barrier Types: Peel-and-Stick vs Continuous Fluid Sprayed

The two main types of air barriers installed by Cornerstone Restoration are continuous fluid sprayed, and peel-and-stick. Deciding which air barrier to choose depends on the climate, type of building and a wide variety of other environmental factors. Our expert Waukesha masonry contractors will work with you to help you choose the most ideal air barrier for your home or building.

Continuous fluid sprayed air barriers are ideal for walls constructed out of permeable materials like concrete masonry units (CMUs). These are most commonly applied to the sheathing of the building to provide an air tight seal. Peel-and-stick air barriers are generally installed around the window and door perimeters. Cornerstone Restoration will answer any questions you may have about the air barriers we install.

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