Masonry Restoration Services in Waukesha County

Building Envelope Assessment

Cornerstone Restoration understands the importance of having sturdy, functional and aesthetically appealing brickwork. Our Waukesha masonry restoration specialists provide years of experience in restoring and repairing all types of brickwork and concrete.

We offer complete building envelope assessments. Cornerstone’s experienced masons inspect every aspect of your wall, including insulation, air/vapor barrier, footer and waterproofing. This complete assessment ensures long lasting structural integrity for your brickwork, so you won’t have to keep spending money on repairs.

Our Waukesha masonry repair contractors will not take shortcuts. You can depend on Cornerstone Restoration for reliable services whether you need restoration services or chimney repair in Southeastern Wisconsin.

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Masonry Repair Services

After we have assessed every aspect of your building, we inform you of our findings and get to work. Cornerstone Restoration provides a variety of repair services including:

  • Brickwork Repair
  • Lintel Repair
  • Terracotta Repair
  • Stucco Repair
  • Limestone, marble and granite repair
Masonry Repair Services in Wisconsin


Experience is everything when repointing and repairing brickwork. It takes years of practice to know exactly where to remove grout and how to replace it effectively. A lackluster job today might lead to high brickwork repair costs in the future. Harder still, is accurately matching the color of the original brickwork.

The brick repointing experts at Cornerstone Restoration remove damaged grout, clean out the work space, color match the existing brickwork, and masterfully repoint the surface to ensure a perfect fix.


Lintels are load bearing beams which ease stress on the masonry by straddling the top of a window or doorframe. Exposed to the elements, brickwork above openings tend to collect moisture, which can cause the lintel to expand, cracking the mortar.

Caulking or otherwise sealing this brickwork actually does more harm than good as it prevents moisture from leaving the bricks, accelerating the oxidization process.

Lintels can actually be a quick fix depending on the damage. Simply installing steel bars into the existing grout often eases stress on the brickwork. However, if there is enough damage, the only solution is to replace the lintel entirely, removing the existing brickwork and replacing it.

Lintels should only be repaired by experienced individuals like the specialists at Cornerstone Restoration.


Damaged terracotta can ruin the aesthetics of your building’s exterior. While it might seem tempting to repair it yourself, having an experienced masonry repair team ensures the color and texture will match.

Cornerstone Restoration’s team of terracotta repair experts in Wisconsin will repair chipped surfaces, remove cracked material and install new terracotta matching the existing texture and color; ensuring a beautiful, like-new repair.


Stucco can protect the exterior of your home or business for over a century, but cracks and other damages can threaten its integrity. While it might seem tempting to patch over chips and cracks, this merely serves as a bandage.

Having an experienced repair team come in is usually the best solution. The stucco repair experts at Cornerstone Restoration will ensure your building’s exterior lasts as long as it was meant to.

We carefully remove the area surrounding the cracked stucco, and protect the lath with plastic sheeting to prevent the buildup of mold and moisture. We then apply the new stucco, carefully bonding it with the old, and matching the texture. Stucco repair from Cornerstone Restoration ensures a long-lasting building exterior.

Limestone, Marble and Granite

Limestone is a preferred building material in older structures, favored for its strength and resilience. Just because it’s resilient doesn’t mean it’s immune to chips and cracks. The stone repair specialists at Cornerstone Restoration will remove cracked or chipped limestone and replace it with a new tight-fitting, precut piece. Similarly, we repair damaged granite and marble, ensuring a perfect fix.

We also provide sealer and sealant installation services to prevent water or moisture from getting into the building envelope. Our masonry restoration specialists carefully install sealant to ensure the structural integrity of your building is maintained for years to come.

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