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Keep your Chimney Clean, Safe and Enjoyable

Everybody loves the warmth and light of a fireplace. But all those fires release gas, soot and creosote into your chimney. As the chimney ages and the layers of soot and creosote build, you run the risk of a chimney fire or toxic gas leak. Ensuring your chimney and fireplace are safe is a job for a professional chimney repair contractor. Trust Cornerstone Restoration to keep your chimney clean and safe with professional chimney repair and masonry services in Waukesha County.

Chimney Flue Inspection, Cleaning and Repair: Necessary Yearly Maintenance

A layer of soot and creosote only ¼” thick significantly lowers the flow rate of your chimney. It is also combustible and can spark a chimney fire. Older chimney flues can develop gaps and cracks, allowing dangerous carbon monoxide to leak out of the chimney and into your home. Yearly chimney flue inspections by a specialist from Cornerstone Restoration will identify any buildup, gaps or cracks in your flue. Depending on what is found, a simple chimney sweep may be sufficient to reduce the risk of chimney fires.

If there are gaps or cracks, Cornerstone Restoration’s professional chimney repair technicians will fix your chimney flue to prevent carbon monoxide and other gas leaks. An unlined chimney is a serious fire hazard. Chimney flue liners add an extra layer of safety for older chimneys.

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Wisconsin Chimney Repair Services

Video Inspections of Chimney Flues

Cornerstone Restoration has the technology to provide video inspections of the interior of your chimney. Our masonry contractors will use a Wohler VIS 350 Visual Inspection Camera to carefully look at the interior of your chimney system and wall cavities.

There are 3 levels of chimney inspections commonly done to ensure the chimney is safe to use. A Level 1 chimney inspection is used to check only the exterior and accessible parts of the chimney. This inspection is typically performed on chimneys seeing frequent use. Video inspections are considered Level 2. These are more detailed, but don’t require removal of the chimney. Level 3 chimney inspections are the most detailed and require removal of components like the interior wall or chimney crown.

Chimney Repair and Restoration Services in Wisconsin

Cornerstone Restoration does more than just inspect your chimney. Our team of Wisconsin chimney repair specialists handle restorations on the exterior and interior of your chimney, ensuring your home stays safe. We can provide everything from repairing the exterior of your chimney when aging brickwork begins failing to replacing an outdated and damaged flue.

Interior Chimney Repair Services in Milwaukee

A failing or clogged chimney flue can expose your home to hazardous chemicals, and greatly increase the risk of a fire. A damaged chimney interior can let hot soot and smoke damage your roof or cause leaks which lead to mold. The chimney repair experts at Cornerstone Restoration can replace your damaged chimney lining, ensuring your chimney is safe for years to come. We will ensure your chimney is safe inside and out.

Exterior Chimney Restoration Services in Waukesha

Maintaining the inside of your chimney flue is just half the battle. Exterior chimney restoration is just as necessary to keep your chimney in proper working condition. All types of brick and stone masonry can be repaired by Cornerstone Restoration. Our Waukesha masonry specialists will check the flashing on your chimney to ensure it is intact to prevent water damage from leaks. Our trusted chimney repair contractors from Cornerstone Restoration will get your chimney back to tip top shape.

How to Tell if There’s a Problem with Your Chimney

Poorly maintained and damaged chimneys are a huge safety hazard. Even seemingly innocent soot buildup at minute levels can ignite, leading to a potentially lethal chimney fire. This is why it is important to have our trained Wisconsin chimney repair professionals perform regular inspections. As a homeowner, knowing when it’s time to let us come in and perform an evaluation. Make carful note of any:

  • Discoloration: If your chimney is discolored, it can mean many things depending on the color. If you notice a white discoloration, this means there is excess moisture. Blue or green discoloration means there is so much moisture that mold or algae is growing. Red stains often indicate rust. Black or brown stains can be caused by leaks or even clogged gutters; but they can also be caused by an excess of soot, which poses a serious threat.
  • Falling pieces: Falling pieces of soot mean there is an excess amount of soot lining the inside of your chimney. If you notice pieces of brick falling, you have damaged brickwork which should be addressed immediately.
  • Pitting or shaling: Pitting could be an early sign of rust. While rust occurs naturally, it could be indicative of excess water.
  • Cracks: Chimney cracks could be caused by time, but they could also indicate a shifting foundation or an unsecure chimney.
  • Water inside: This could be indicative of a cracked chimney crown, leaking bricks, or damaged flashing where the chimney meets the roof.
  • White powder: Finding large amounts of efflorescence, a white powdery substance, in your chimney could mean moisture is moving through your brickwork or concrete. This could be an indicator of a leak in your chimney.
  • Moss: If you find moss outside your chimney (or inside which would be even worse) it means there is so much excess moisture in the brickwork that plants can actually grow and take root in the cracked stone. This likely requires a removal of bricks.

These are the most prominent visible signs that your chimney requires attention as soon as possible.

Contact Waukesha chimney repair specialists at Cornerstone Restoration for expert cleaning, repair and restoration services.

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