Seamless Caulking Services

Cornerstone Restoration provides superior caulking services for Milwaukee, Madison and the surrounding cities. Caulking cracks in concrete or brickwork prevents water from entering and causing further erosion. Preventing water infiltration or slab settling is cheaper than repairing the damage after it’s done.

Sealing air leaks and cracks in your masonry is also an excellent way to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Crack caulking helps by:

  • Preventing water infiltration
  • Preventing soil erosion and slab movement
  • Improving the air seal
  • Improving the appearance
  • Reducing outside noise

We use high quality tools and products to seal and restore various foundation and decorative structures. Our team of masonry professionals has extensive experience caulking and restoring buildings across the state. From high rise apartment buildings in West Allis to Madison office buildings and residential homes, we’ve seen everything. Our caulking services increase the durability of foundations and structures throughout Wisconsin.

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Contact Waukesha caulking experts at Cornerstone Restoration to repair unwanted cracks in concrete or brickwork structures.

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