Dependable Brick and Concrete Restoration Services in Wisconsin

Whether you are trying to find a residential, historical, or commercial masonry or concrete repair contractor, there are a few factors you have to consider. Protect your investment and be careful about who you hire to restore it to its natural beauty.

Cornerstone Restoration provides dependable masonry and concrete services in Wisconsin. You can’t go wrong with our well-trained repair specialists. We have experience with all types of concrete and brick construction for historical, commercial and residential properties.

Think about what is most important to you, and consider the following when choosing the perfect masonry contractor:

Residential Restoration

Be aware of what options you have in design, color, and other features. For example, concrete can imitate any other material. Knowing this can save you time and money, depending on what you’re looking for. Cost is another huge factor in deciding who to do business with. Know the cost of labor, delivery of materials, etc. No one likes surprises when the contractor sends the bill.

Ask for samples of their work to get an idea of what to expect. Chat with next-door neighbors about who they’ve hired in the past. They can be a great resource for who to hire or stay away from. Your chosen contractor should have professional training, liability insurance, and the proper licensing. No license, no deal.

Historical Building Repair

Your building is 100 years old. How will your contractor match the concrete? Super old concrete is tricky, and will require a special mix for repair work. Make sure a contractor is willing to go extensive lengths. Fragile as they are, historical buildings require extra care. As for dust control when material is ground or cut out, your contractor should use vacuums, tents, or wet the walls before doing so. Excessive dust will cause more damage.

Will they salvage the crumbling brick? Chances are the brick is too weak to reuse. New brick should be ordered, saving you a headache with future restorations. And before you choose a historical building contractor, be sure to request references and ask to see some of their work.

Cornerstone Restoration has extensive experience with historical building repair. We understand the care and technical requirements that go into the project to get the job done properly.

Commercial Remediation Services

As with any work, be aware of the cost of your contractor. Factor in all the elements needed to get the job done. Ask for photos of similar work they’ve done. Know the quality of the company. Should your building have water leaks, a great contractor performs tests, locating the exact problem spot. Cosmetic repairs such as graffiti removal, stone replacement and façade restoration should be within the scope of their capabilities.

Be choosy about the masonry contractor you hire. You deserve quality work and timely service. Cornerstone Restoration gives you the best of both worlds, getting the job done right the first time. Let us turn your building into something brand new again!

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