Masonry & Concrete Restoration Services in Wisconsin

The professional masonry and concrete specialists at Cornerstone Restoration provide the best restoration and repair services in Southeast Wisconsin. From sturdy foundations to repairing crumbling brickwork and restoring Milwaukee’s historic churches, the Cornerstone team has the experience and knowledge to quickly and effectively complete any masonry task. We fix it all, interior and exterior walls, chimneys and hearths, patios and pathways to parking decks and churches – read below to discover all the services we offer.

Masonry Restoration

Cornerstone Restoration is experienced in repairing and restoring a wide variety of concrete and brickwork structures. Our Wisconsin masonry services include:

  • Brickwork, terracotta and stucco repair
  • Limestone, granite and marble repair
  • Lintel repair
  • Sealers and sealant installation
  • Inspection of insulation, air barriers, footers and waterproofing

Masonry Restoration Services in Wisconsin

Air Barriers

Air barriers keep air or vapor from leaking in and out of your building. Cornerstone Restoration offers air barrier installation in Southeastern Wisconsin. We install:

  • Peel-and-Stick air barriers
  • Continuous fluid sprayed air barriers

Learn more about our air barrier installation services.

Air Barrier Installation Waukesha

Precast Concrete Repair

Our Waukesha concrete repair specialists have years of experience in sealing and repairing all types of precast exterior, vertical, horizontal and overhead concrete surfaces. Our concrete repair services include:

  • Epoxy and urethane injection
  • Kevlar reinforcement installation
  • Concrete sealant
  • Graffiti removal and prevention

Find out more about our concrete repair services.

Precast Concrete Repair Services in Wisconsin

Industrial and Wastewater Treatment Concrete Repair

Cornerstone Restoration provides high quality masonry and concrete services for the industrial food service and waste water treatment industries throughout Wisconsin. Our services include:

  • Epoxy flooring installation
  • Concrete retention tank repair
  • Grout installation
  • Concrete deconstruction and removal

Learn more about our industrial and wastewater treatment concrete services.

Industrial Concrete Repair Services in Southeastern Wisconsin

Parking Decks and Garages

The Cornerstone Restoration Waukesha masonry team has the tools and experience to repair and restore parking decks and garages throughout Wisconsin. Some of our parking deck services include:

  • Sealing Cracks
  • Repair or Re-application of Sealants
  • Installing Compression Seals
  • Winged Expansion Joint Installation

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Milwaukee Parking Garage Repair and Maintenance Services

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

Carbon fiber reinforcements are a permanent solution to anything from cracks in concrete to bowed basement and foundation walls. Cornerstone Restoration uses carbon fiber straps to permanently stabilize virtually any concrete structure. This is dramatically less expensive than excavation and replacement.

We install carbon fiber reinforcements for:

  • Basements
  • Parking Decks
  • Commercial Buildings
  • DOT Jobs

Learn more about our carbon fiber reinforcement installation services.

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement in Basement

Contact the Wisconsin masonry contractors at Cornerstone Restoration for all of your concrete and masonry repair and restoration needs.

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