Industrial and Waste Treatment Masonry Services in Wisconsin

Masonry Contractors Providing Epoxy Floors, Concrete Repair and Grout Supports

Wisconsin’s industrial food service providers and waste treatment plants turn to Cornerstone Restoration for all their concrete and cement needs. Concrete floors are restored and improved by epoxy floor installation. Repairs to retention tanks and grout supports are professionally conducted by our masonry contractors. Existing concrete can be demolished and removed quickly and easily by Cornerstone Restoration.

Industrial and Waste Treatment Masonry Services in Wisconsin

Epoxy Flooring System Benefits

Installing an epoxy floor has many benefits in industrial settings. Epoxy floor systems are:

  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Seamless
  • Corrosion Resistant

Epoxy can also be made glossy and anti-slip.

Unlike cement floors, oil, grease and other fluids do not soak into epoxy flooring. Cleaning an epoxy floor is easily accomplished with just a broom and a mop.

When Cornerstone Restoration installs an epoxy floor in your industrial food service building or waste treatment plant, you can select an anti-slip epoxy floor to keep your workers safe even in wet conditions. A high-gloss epoxy floor will reflect light back into the room, giving it much higher illumination for zero energy cost.

Don’t trust just anyone with your epoxy flooring system. Cornerstone Restoration carefully controls the application and curing process – meaning proper surface preparation, humidity/moisture control, and epoxy floors are an excellent choice for industrial and commercial buildings as well as garages.

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Industrial Concrete Repair and Grout Supports Installed by Masonry Contractors

Concrete retention tanks undergo a lot of abuse. Chemicals, abrasives and freezing will crack even the toughest concrete. Cornerstone Restoration has the experienced masonry contractors to fix damaged retention tanks, pipes and other concrete structures in industrial settings. Damage to pipes and structures can be repaired and prevented with professional grouting. Our masonry contractors can use grout to stop leaks and pipe infiltration, as well as add support to sinking structures. Do not wait for your concrete tanks and pipes to disintegrate. Get in touch with the masonry experts at Cornerstone Restoration for long lasting concrete repair.

Concrete Deconstruction and Removal in Wisconsin

Old, deteriorated concrete can be difficult to remove. Destroying an existing concrete building, tank or pipe is always a hassle. Cornerstone Restoration offers precise concrete deconstruction and removal for industrial clients in Wisconsin. Our masonry contractors will come to your location to cleanly and quickly dismantle any concrete you want gone. All debris will be hauled away, leaving you with a clean location for redevelopment.

Contact Wisconsin’s best masonry contractors at Cornerstone Restoration for all your industrial concrete needs.

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