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Specialized Church Repair Services for Steeples, Towers, Facades and Foundations

For centuries, churches have inspired and awed civilizations. The intricate details and elaborate steeples continue to influence city skylines. However, over time, steeples, towers and other decorative structures require maintenance. Churches and cathedrals present a unique challenge: it takes special equipment and an incredible attention to detail to properly repair and restore church roofing, steeples and windows.

Steeples are by no means typical restorative projects. They’re tall, narrow and each church has its own unique shapes and spires. Normal masonry crews often don’t have the skillset to effectively repair these special structures.

Cornerstone Restoration is no normal Wisconsin masonry crew, though. Steeple renovation and repair is one of our specialties. Our steeplejacks have the experience and tools to get up close and personal with high church towers and work on the damaged areas which require restoration.

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Milwaukee Steeple Repair

From plain Romanesque to fancy Baroque architecture, our crews will fix your church façade

No matter if the brickwork is crumbling, parts of statues have broken off, or if there’s paint chipping, Cornerstone Restoration will restore your church. Even interior masonry, like a colonnaded nave, can and will be brought back to its original beauty. From foundation repair to steeple and everything in between, count on Wisconsin’s masonry experts to restore or repair your church building.

Comprehensive Services from Experienced Masons

From the basement foundation to the highest tower point, our steeplejack services include:

  • Tuck Pointing
  • Stone and Stucco Restoration/Repairs
  • Brick Replacement
  • Steeple Painting/Repair
  • Protective Measures

Our steeplejack methods are a cost-effective solution to the high climbing work which accompanies church repairs. We have the tools and knowledge to handle any sized job, interior or exterior repairs.

What is a Steeplejack?

A steeplejack is an experienced craftsman who possess specialized training to effectively and safely scale tall church towers and steeples to perform necessary repairs. We use non-intrusive methods, repairing and restoring churches, cathedrals and basilicas throughout Wisconsin.

Steeplejack Service Worthy of Praise

Using an effective rope and pulley system, similar to what you might find on an old sea ship, we can repair the sections of the church which are damaged. Our experienced steeplejacks will restore the highest tower and repair decoration atop any steeple. Through preventative restoration, the entire church, from the steeples to the basement, will be protected long term from structural wear and tear.

Other masonry companies may not have the experience or equipment necessary to properly restore a church or cathedral tower. Those attempting such repairs may use invasive, ineffective methods, increasing the cost and producing poor results. Don’t waste your money unnecessarily. Hire Cornerstone Restoration and you’ll receive specialized service from our Masonry experts. We offer quality, long term restoration for any church structure.

Church Dome Repair Services

Historic architecture is not the easiest to repair, especially in today’s world. Domes are one of the oldest architectural features of many churches, taking inspiration from ancient Rome and Greece. A domes’ strength comes naturally and enables it to resist the harsh effects of extreme weather. The heavier the structure, the better. Because domes have fewer seams, there is less chance of water penetration.

Though church domes are one of the most secure structures, our church dome restoration services will fix cracks, leaks, or other structural issues, all while preserving its beauty for future generations. Familiar with old and new dome construction traditions, we at Cornerstone Restoration bring our quality expertise and craftsmanship to every project site.

There are several techniques used in recreating domes, such as:

  • Flattened Conduit – Metal tubes are bent and flattened, while holes are drilled at both ends. Frames and other tools are used in the process.
  • Tube & Hub – Struts, the outside support braces, join together with a larger diameter pipe at the hub holes.
  • Stressed Skin – Metal or fiberglass panels are pinned or riveted together. Beams are not required, but to prevent condensation sufficient insulation must be installed.
  • Monolithic – A weatherproof membrane is inflated and the interior is sprayed with polyurethane foam. Steel rebar is placed on the foam, then sprayed with 3 inches of shotcrete, a concrete spray mix.

Cupola Repair and Restoration

Cupola, an Italian term for small cup, is a small dome-like structure sitting atop a roof or dome. It was initially used for letting in natural light and air, however, it is used mostly for decoration today. Cupolas can also be used on bell towers, belvederes, barns, or even by itself as a lookout. Though small, cupolas still need regular upkeep and repair.

Weather is the worst enemy church structures face, breaking down the cupola façade. Our cupola restoration experts take care of any roof issues, trim problems, water leakage, and anything else destroying its shape. We use the right tools and methods to get the job done properly.

Church Architecture Element Restoration

Traditional church architecture varies greatly depending on the religion and the era in which the church was built. The most prevalent building materials used are brick and concrete. Besides exteriors which are often ornate, the interiors often feature architectural details of bygone eras. Some common examples of church interior architecture include:

  • Arches – curved structures coming up one end and down the other
  • Domes – representing a hollow half of a sphere
  • Vaults –arched structures providing additional space on a ceiling

Like any church structure, their interior elements crack, crumble, and wear out. Our expert restoration unit refurbishes and repairs all types of church architecture, both inside and out, bringing life back into these places of worship.

Cornerstone Restoration repairs structural elements of churches, including:

  • Coping – the covering of a wall
  • Pilasters – looks like a pillar coming out of another wall, however, its purpose is purely decorative
  • Mullions – rods commonly made of wood or aluminum which divide a window into two or more parts
  • Cusps – pointed projection where two curves meet, normally seen in window arches
  • Plinths – solid base on which a statue, pedestal, structure, or monument sits
  • Parapets – raised rims of church roof edges

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