Preventing Leaks and Rust at Fiserv Headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In the heart of Wisconsin’s thriving urban landscapes, the impact of relentless weather often takes a toll on commercial buildings. Cornerstone Restoration’s masonry experts took action to resolve significant issues impacting the fundamental strength of Fiserv Headquarters.

Issues at Hand: Windows Leaking and Lintels Rusting

Fiserv’s building faced an unsettling challenge – windows, and ceilings leaking, rusting lintels, and compromised structural integrity. In times of rain, multiple areas suffered from unwelcome moisture infiltration, leading to interior damage and structural deterioration. The root cause? Failed sealant at windows, lintels, sills, and masonry control joints. Moisture crept into the wall cavity, even rusting vital steel lintels. A disconcerting revelation came to light: a previous repair attempt had overlooked proper sealant removal, rendering the newly installed sealant ineffective. 

  • Failed window sealant at Fiserv Headquarters
  • Failed sealant on the windows at Fiserv Headquarters in Wisconsin
  • Rusted Lintel at Fiserv Headquarters in WI

Effective Services: Sealing the Gaps and Restoring Integrity

Our masonry experts’ first step to help Fiserv’s Headquarters was to remove and replace the promised sealant and backer rod at windows, control joints, sills, and lintels. By expertly addressing the source of the leaks, the restoration team tackled the issue head-on, ensuring a watertight and robust building envelope

Preventing Future Incidents: A Blueprint for Success

Rather than stopping at remedying the present issue, we laid a foundation for a leak-free future. Our prevention strategy includes a building inspection which allows us to identify potential failures before they could escalate to interior damage.  We are advocates for being on top of sealant replacement. It is essential to properly remove old sealant before installing a new product. This can easily help prevent future leaks and rust formation, setting a precedent for responsible maintenance practices.

Solving the Problem: Ensuring a Healthy Environment

Our approach to addressing issues goes beyond the surface. Our expertise allowed us to effectively provide solutions for moisture intrusion, energy loss, and microbial growth issues. Our process not only facilitates interior finishes repair but also ensures Fiserv Headquarters to have optimal energy efficiency while preventing the growth of harmful microbes. Our commitment to safeguarding interior air quality created a secure and comfortable work environment for all occupants.

  • Repaired window sealant at Fiserv Headquarters in Wisconsin
  • Repaired Control Joint throughout Fiserv Headquarters in Wisconsin

Conclusion: Empowering Your Commerical Property’s Future

Fiserv’s Headquarters contacted us for our expertise, and we not only conquered leaks and rust but also solidified defenses against future mishaps. We embody a commitment to excellence and accountable care in commercial restoration.

If you’re experiencing similar issues, take the first step towards comprehensive solutions by connecting with us today to safeguard your property’s future.

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