Crumbling or Chipped Bricks can be More than an Eyesore

Most homes have brick or stonework incorporated into the home design. The addition of stonework to the exterior of a home is a popular decorating option and increases your home value – however when your bricks start to chip, crack or crumble your home can begin to look rundown.

Besides being an eyesore, cracks and holes in your masonry work may also allow pests, water, and drafts into your home, leading to further damage.

If you notice your brickwork is beginning to show signs of wear or damage, the professional masonry team at Cornerstone Restoration can quickly determine if the damage is repairable, or if the masonry requires replacing.

What Causes Damage?

There are a variety of factors which can influence the wear and tear of your bricks. Poor previous workmanship and materials is a frequent culprit. Other times it can be natural wear, or other naturally occurring events, like the ground beneath your home settling unevenly, all factor into your bricks needing replacement.

If you notice unnatural bulging in your brickwork or extensive crumbling and spalling it’s time to call a professional craftsman.

Cornerstone Restoration provides Superior Brick Repair Services

Throughout Southeast Wisconsin, there are many beautiful historic homes and buildings with intricate details and historic brickwork.

When these begin to crumble or need restoration work, building and homeowners throughout Wisconsin have been turning to the professional craftsmen at Cornerstone Restoration for quality, long lasting masonry repairs.

Contact the Waukesha brick repair and restoration specialists for a quote today.

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