Pool Concrete Services in Wisconsin

Swimming Pool Concrete Repair

Cornerstone Restoration provides high quality pool concrete restoration services in Southeastern Wisconsin. If the concrete in your pool is suffering from cracks or holes, hire a professional masonry contractor to get the job done right.

Our Waukesha concrete repair specialists will fix the current problem areas and take action to prevent future damage from occurring. Cracks in pool concrete will only worsen as time goes on. We provide epoxy injections to repair the cracks and prevent further cracking from occurring. Cornerstone Restoration can repair any type of pool whether your pool is cement with tiles or cement with fiberglass. We work on everything from backyard to Olympic sized pools.

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Wisconsin Pool Concrete Restoration

Concrete Pool Coatings

Our concrete repair specialists also provide high quality coatings for pool concrete. We are experienced with both epoxy and fluid applied coatings. Applying a protective coating is vital for preventing chlorine and pool water from damaging the concrete.

How to Tell if There’s a Problem with Your Concrete Pool

Pools are wonderful to have on a hot summer day, but they do cause headaches of their own. Regular maintenance and upkeep must be taken to preserve its longevity. Cornerstone Restoration offers pool repair services, helping you keeping your pool water clear and the concrete surface looking like new.

As a concerned pool-owner, watch out for these common problems:

  • Salt speeding up erosion – Most pools contain saltwater, which doubles as the archenemy of concrete. Salt eats away at sealers, which are used to protect the concrete surface. Sealers will flake away, letting the salt penetrate through to the concrete. Eventually, the concrete will have to be resurfaced.
  • Cracks starting to form – The main cause of cracks is a bit of a grey area, as it can be a variety of factors. Growing in age, reaction to surrounding settling soil, or poor workmanship are a few reasons why you are seeing more fractures in your pool’s concrete surface. Repairing shouldn’t be put off, as water will seep into the cracks, causing even more issues.
  • Stains are clearly visible – Causes of stains range from natural elements to chemical reactions. Though the stain only appears at the concrete surface, the underlying structure is at risk for corrosion. The reinforcing steel underneath will corrode and break down, leaving you with a weak pool structure.
  • Pool deck shows signs of lifting and shifting – Surrounding concrete detaches from the underlying structure, lifting its corners from the sides. The cause points to backfill material not initially compacted correctly. Years pass, and the backfill settles, leaving air pockets under the concrete. Unsightly concrete alignment issues must be taken care of right away, before they become far worse.
  • Chalky material clouds up pool water – Covering the sides of the pool, this chalky substances finds its way into the water. A painted bottom reacts with various chemicals, causing paint chipping and cloudy water. Contaminant buildup, bad filtration, algae, metals, or poor water balance are other potential causes of murky water.

Our Waukesha concrete pool repair specialists comb through every detail, making sure your pool is back to working order and keeping you cool on those stifling days. Cornerstone’s trained experts diagnose the problem and offer affordable solutions.

Whether you need extensive pool concrete repair or simply need a pool coating reapplied, trust the professional contractors at Cornerstone Restoration.

Contact Wisconsin pool concrete repair experts at Cornerstone Restoration for more information today.

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