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You want fires inside your fireplace. If your chimney isn’t in great condition, it can cause a disastrous chimney fire.

With the long winter months Waukesha homeowners experience, fireplaces get used on a regular basis. You chimney gets coated and clogged with buildup from fires. Every time you use the fireplace, ash and soot are released into the flue. Eroded brickwork around the flue can allow hot ash and burning embers to enter your roof structure!

Our chimney repair team are experts on every aspect relating to your chimney. We’ll repair the masonry work on the outside and repair any leaks. We service all sizes and styles of chimneys – residential and commercial. With our state of the art equipment, we get a detailed, close up look inside your chimney. Our customers are always 100% satisfied and confident after a repair. With the restoration option, your chimney will be working and looking like new!

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