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Our experienced Wisconsin masonry contractors have the skills, tools and experience to restore your chimney to look and function like new. Wisconsin chimney brickwork is exposed to harsh extremes of temperature and humidity. Constant weather exposure can make bricks, mortar and concrete crack and erode. Improperly built chimneys are vulnerable to water infiltration.

In cold climate states like Wisconsin, chimneys crack and spall when water-saturated bricks go through freeze-thaw cycles. Ice makes the bricks and mortar expand and contract, eventually crumbling. Chimneys can deteriorate in as little as two winters if they’re poorly constructed.

Chimneys are frequently overlooked when assessing a house for repairs. A crumbling, deteriorating chimney poses a serious fire hazard – hot embers can make their way into your roof structure and start a fire.

If your chimney needs work, immediately contact the concrete and masonry contractors at Cornerstone Restoration. Our experienced team has the skills, tools and experience to restore your chimney to look like new.

We perform everything from double chimney restoration to chimney stacks to interior chimney work and venting. Wisconsin residents and businesspeople rely on our affordable, long-lasting chimney repairs. We provide chimney restoration to residential homes and industrial buildings throughout Waukesha and Milwaukee Counties.

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Contact the Waukesha chimney restoration professionals at Cornerstone Restoration today for a quote.

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