Waukesha Experts Restore Brick Foundations of Any Size

Quality brick work and masonry work looks beautiful and highlights a building, making it appealing to customers and neighbors. Unfortunately, many homes and buildings suffer from faded, crumbling masonry work.

This is where the Cornerstone’s brick restoration experts come in. We will restore brickwork on all styles and sizes of buildings from residential homes to commercial and industrial buildings. We use only high grade building materials and hire superior craftsmen. Your home or building will be the envy of the street.

Your brickwork is there for more than just aesthetics, even if it’s a brick façade. After Cornerstone completes the project, your building envelope will be ready to stand up to the elements.

Building Envelope Inspections

Cornerstone provides optional building envelope inspections. We assess and inspect every inch of the area to be restored, then recommend the most cost-saving method for your situation. We restore anything from brick-laid pathways to interior elements like brick backsplashes. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t take shortcuts.

Brick Restoration Gallery

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