How to Repair Damaged Brick Structures

Every handyman knows it’s best to fix something before it becomes a bigger issue. This is true for most masonry projects, but not all. Large projects like chimney repair or replacing a lintel should only be attempted by professionals.

Proper upkeep is important to prevent small damages from becoming costly repairs.

Damaged brickwork can be repaired with just a little know-how and a few tools; provided the damaged brickwork is not above an opening like a window or door frame (which would indicate a damaged lintel and would require professional repair). Be sure you have the proper tools before you get started including:

  • Drill with a masonry bit
  • Angle grinder
  • Engineer’s hammer
  • Cold chisel
  • Hose
  • Scrub brush
  • Tuck-pointing trowel

You’ll want to remove the area around the damaged brickwork, ensuring you have a secure base to work with. Start by drilling into the grout with the masonry bit and removing the damaged grout (the angle grinder will expedite this process). This will allow you to remove the damaged bricks with a hammer and chisel.

Once you’re done, wash off the area with water, removing dust and other debris. You should also use a scrub brush to make sure the area is clean.

Remember, the color of the brick differs slightly from batch to batch depending on the type of clay used or how long they were cooked (some bricks are even sun dried). This means finding bricks to match your existing brickwork is extremely challenging. If time isn’t an issue, some companies can use powder from your existing brickwork to create a matching batch of bricks.

Next, apply the mortar and begin setting your bricks. If you used too much mortar, wait for it to dry a bit before trying to remove it. Using a repointing tool, finish off the grout to create a smooth finish.

If you feel the damaged area is too large for you to handle yourself, consider the Wisconsin brickwork repair specialists at Cornerstone Restoration. We have the experience and tools required to get the job done right the first time.

Contact Wisconsin masonry experts at Cornerstone Restoration to get your brickwork repaired to its former glory.

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