Masonry DIY Tips and When to Call the Professional Craftsmen

The experienced masons at Cornerstone Restoration are happy to provide the latest industry news and helpful DIY masonry tips. From determining when it’s time to replace your brickwork to learning how to repair stucco, check back often to learn valuable new information.

How to Find the Right Masonry Contractor

Dependable Brick and Concrete Restoration Services in Wisconsin Whether you are trying to find a residential, historical, or commercial masonry or concrete repair contractor, there are a few factors you have to consider. [...]

When it’s Time to Replace your Brickwork

Crumbling or Chipped Bricks can be More than an Eyesore Most homes have brick or stonework incorporated into the home design. The addition of stonework to the exterior of a home is a [...]

DIY Brickwork Repair

How to Repair Damaged Brick Structures Every handyman knows it’s best to fix something before it becomes a bigger issue. This is true for most masonry projects, but not all. Large projects like chimney [...]

DIY Stucco Repair

How to Repair Stucco Stucco can protect the exterior of your building for years, often for more than a century; however, a chipped and damaged surface threatens its resilience. Depending on the scope [...]

DIY Concrete Expansion Joint Repair

5 Simple Steps to Repair Damaged Concrete Expansion Joints Concrete expansion joints, the gaps in between the slabs on your driveway or sidewalk, are there to prevent random cracking. Expansion joints are [...]

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